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Warranties – Checklist for Buyers when buying shares in a business

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When buying shares in a business a buyer needs to protect themselves by having sufficien warranties in place in the contract of sale To download a checklist of issues to consider click below Warranties Checklist

What’s driving the sale of financial planning practices?

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What’s driving the sale of financial planning practices? As a financial services practice broker, it’s important to gain a detailed understanding of vendor motivation to track trends. I recently sat down with my team to look over three years’ worth of data, which captured the motivations of sellers looking to sell their business either [...]

Financing an Acquisition

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Financing your Business If you are seeking finance to fund an acquisition, pay off existing debt, buy out a partner, grow your business or release your hard earned capital, Growth Focus can assist you, or if we can't we will point you in the right direction. Cash Flow Lending Many practice principles are [...]