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eBook – Mistakes Vendors make when selling a practice

By |2019-09-12T05:44:27+00:00|All, Selling your business|

Free eBook When it comes to selling your business, there is a huge price to pay in learning from your own mistakes. This information is based on years of experience as an intermediary between buyer and seller, based on transactions where vendors have: managed the process themselves or used [...]

Podcast – How to sell my accounting Practice Episode 38

By |2019-08-29T07:34:19+00:00|All, Selling your business|

How to sell my accounting practice – that is the second question right after, “Should I sell?”. How do you actually do that? Nearly two-thirds of accounting firm owners are baby boomers and are starting to retire. At the moment it is still a sellers market out there with far more buyers than sellers. But this [...]