Financing an Acquisition

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Financing your Business If you are seeking finance to fund an acquisition, pay off existing debt, buy out a partner, grow your business or release your hard earned capital, Growth Focus can assist you, or if we can't we will point you in the right direction. Cash Flow Lending Many practice principles are [...]

Succession, Possible Minority Shareholder problems and solution

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Problem A minority Shareholder agrees to purchase a larger stake of the business at some time in the future.The successors issue is: “Why should I pay a premium on my own contribution to the increase in value?” Possible Solution Agree either on A fixed value at the time of contract and a fixed price at [...]

The most important questions to ask when undertaking a progressive sell down

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SUCCESSION PLANNING The most important question that any seller needs to be able to be able to answer clearly is What do you want ? Can you clearly articulate the outcome you are seeking ? All to often we speak to vendors who have taken a lets see what happens approach which in most circumstances [...]

Don’t wait years to find out your succession plan was unrealistic

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Don’t wait years to find out your succession plan was unrealistic How to maximise the value of your business on exit This may be contentious however we see succession as a defensive word that empowers the successor and weakens the position of the Vendor or major shareholder. The standard definition of succession is the process [...]